Unaffected explores a sense of stasis and proairetic expectation engendered by looped footage.


Transit is an audiovisual installation and downloadable software application. Initially commissioned by Hull Time Based Arts, it was first exhibited in the Timebase Gallery in March 2005.


Scramble, the first collaboration between Neil Webb and Michael Day, creates a disorienting and unsettling vision of urban space and the experience of isolation felt when communication breaks down.


Incidence is a single-screen piece based on images of the natural environment abstracted using technological processes.

Stafell B

Web and performance project in collaboration with Eddie Ladd. Mixing live webcam footage with media and performance footage, this web piece presents an evolving context of meaning, reactivating and re-siting the performance.

Slow Wave Sleep

A light source above ground shines through a disused coal chute into the exhibition space, dramatically lighting dust and cobwebs which move in the breeze.

Hand Dance

The audience members’ improvised hand gestures create developing recursive imagery: the spontaneous, improvised hand gesture of the audience, a performance in miniature, is amplified and multiplied into an evolving and organic image and sound environment.

Strategy Game #1

Strategy Game #1 is a complex system based on the simple objective of popping balloons, which while rewarding in itself, belies an intricate relationship of control and strategic gameplay between the viewer and the work.


To be captured on an elliptical orbit, to be in rotation, but bound to a path that reaches the closest and furthest points of approach.

Dunlop Semtex

On seeing one’s image on the screen of the computer, overlayed with digital video footage collected from within the derelict rubber plant in Brynmawr, the viewer may react in a number of ways.

Counting Time

On entering the space, the viewer is confronted by a projection screen. Visible on the screen is an image of the room and viewer, fed from a video camera near the base of the screen.