Superstructures is a twin-screen DVD piece that presents the input and output of a bespoke computer program which had been programmed to respond to levels of ambient light. The input footage, that of a neon tube nearing the end of its life, is controlling glimpses of a metal superstructure similar to that which underpins the concrete walls of its original exhibition space.

(A single-screen video version was made in 2008.)

Exhibition History
Intermittent, Enlightenment Festival (archived link), Durham City Centre, 2008
17 Days, Atrium Gallery, Richmond Center for Visual Arts, Western Michigan University, 2008
Good Point Well Made (archived link), End Gallery, 2006

Title: Superstructures
Year of production: installation 2006; video loop 2008
Installation version: two synced DVD players, two monitors, sound, plinths
Video loop: single screen video loop, sound