A video of a murky sea breaking on a dark shale beach. The sky slowly shifts in colour and birds cross the frame, placing the image in the same temporal frame of reference as the viewer.


“For our 10th Assembly event, four Sheffield based artists have each been paired up with an artist in Istanbul. Plunged into the unknown within a pen-pal type relationship, the expectation has been to create work with someone they have never met.


The shipping forecast is a radio broadcast by the BBC providing a vital set of data about sea conditions in the waters around the UK. To the non-maritime listener, the language used in it is poetic and obscure, as particular areas of water are named […]

The General Situation

The General Situation is a video work that experiments with temporary minimal electronic interventions into the landscape. It documents the installation of a number of small light sources on Chesil Beach beneath a Jurassic period cliff top.


The image of a column of steam against the sky flickers from blur to clarity as the camera’s autofocus struggles to maintain a sharp image. As the camera’s uncertainty increases, a gradually building soundtrack changes volume in time with each twitch of the automatic focus.


A static camera is trained on a wide-angle view of an inhabited, populated cityscape. The image slowly changes, making the viewer aware of the passage of time through subtle changes to the scene.


Filter is a set of eight bodies of work designed to operate in the space once occupied by internet banner advertisements.


Tuning a long-wave radio makes audible the atmospheric conditions that are the basis of radio broadcasting, as the radio receiver interprets the spaces between stations as broadcasts in themselves.

Instructional Media

These pieces use the languages of business and self-help to present us with problems that through ambiguous phrasing are equally applicable to the world of capitalism or to everyday life.


This photograph of balloons, taken on out-of-date Polaroid film, has been slowly deteriorating in storage since it was captured in 1998. At irregular intervals, its state of disintegration is captured with a digital scanner.

Cof Y Corff / Muscle Memory

Performance and media collaboration and research project with Eddie Ladd. This touring performance piece was commissioned by the Royal Opera House 2 in Covent Garden and was premiered there in February 2007.

Work In Progress

This work in progress was developed as part of a research project into live performance tools. It uses live video as a data source, converting colour levels into blocky three-dimensional shapes reminiscent of 1980s computer games.


  This piece was developed to accompany a live performance by sound artist Neil Webb at Consortium in Amsterdam. It combines natural and urban imagery and develops into an ambient, non-narrative counterpoint to the sound work.

Stafell C

Predominantly research-based in nature, this project was an exploration of new skills and software in advance of the major comission Cof Y Corff.

Long Wave Goodbye

[bandcamp width=400 height=307 album=534663131 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=333333 artwork=small] Long Wave Goodbye is a development of previous work that used radio static.


Pioneer is the result of a research project based in Sheffield Hallam University’s Psalter Lane Learning Centre. I was eager to pursue the idea that some items in the library have never been used since their addition to the library stock.


Superstructures is a twin-screen DVD piece that presents the input and output of a bespoke computer program which had been programmed to respond to levels of ambient light.