The offing is the part of the sea visible from shore but beyond anchoring ground.

‘Someone who was watching out for a ship to arrive would first see it approaching when it was ‘in the offing’ and expected to dock before the next tide. ‘The offing’, although more usually used in the context of ships arriving, derives from the adjective ‘off’, which was used since at least the 14th century to mean ‘away from’ – as in ‘casting off’, ‘setting off’, ‘be off with you’ etc.’ (Source)

Exhibition History
Ever Remote, Crescent Arts, Scarborough, July 2011
Ever Remote, Site Gallery, Sheffield, July 2011
We Are All In This Together, Bureau, Manchester, June 2011
Th’Owd Towser, Holmfirth Arts Festival, June 2011
Ever Remote, South Square Gallery, Bradford, May 2011
Title: Offing
Year of production:
Media: single screen video, sound, 2m22s