I Hear You Singing In The Wire

This piece consists of Glen Campbell’s version of Wichita Lineman played through a sequence of reverb filters.

Reverberation occurs when sound waves persist in spaces after the removal of the original sound source, reflecting off walls and ceilings, decreasing in amplitude as they gradually fade. This repeated reflection leads to entropy, as imperfections in the waveforms are repeated at each point of reflection. The Wichita Lineman is a lone figure silhouetted against the wilderness, hallucinating the voice of an absent lover in the wires, keeping transmission lines open against the encroaching entropy of nature.

Exhibition History
Possession (1), Bangkok Arts and Cultural Centre, Thailand, March 2013.
CNCPTN, magazine, August 2011.
Audiograft Jukebox, Oxford, February 2011.
Sonic Art Juke Box, SoundFjord, London, May 2010.
Host 9.5, Bloc Projects, Sheffield, May 2010.
Host 9: Otherliness, Vane, Newcastle Upon Tyne, May 2009.

Title: I Hear You Singing In The Wire
Year of production: 2009
Media: Sound piece, 3:00
License: BY-NC-ND

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