Transit is an audiovisual installation and downloadable software application. Initially commissioned by Hull Time Based Arts, it was first exhibited in the Timebase Gallery in March 2005. This installation consisted of two projections, each showing an invidual instance of the piece. A downloadable application version of the piece was also made available during the exhibition.

Data from traffic crossing a bridge near the gallery controls a computer system which randomly displays and montages images, and generates a randomly composed soundtrack, producing a construction of disorienting visuals and sounds that reflect the unplanned negotiation of an unfamiliar environment. The effect is of long periods of inactivity punctuated by an ebb and flow of indistinct impressions, separated from each other in their spatial location but existing in the same finite timeframe.

The piece is also downloadable from the internet, so that visitors are able to view it on their own computers. The structure is the same on a home computer as it is in the gallery: as the images and sounds ebb and flow on your screen, they are doing so in the gallery at precisely the same time, synchronising the experience of the piece whether inside or outside the gallery space. When the data from the traffic is exhausted at the end of the two week exhibition, the piece will conclude both in the gallery and in its dowloadable form.

Download Schematic, PDF (350KB)

Exhibition History
SightSonic International Festival of Digital Arts, October 2005
Timebase Gallery, Hull Time Based Arts, Hull, February 2005

Title: Transit
Year of production: 2005
Media: audiovisual installation running downloadable software. Hull version showed on 2 x eMacs, with sound amplification.
No longer extant.

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