Hand Dance

The audience members’ improvised hand gestures create developing recursive imagery: the spontaneous, improvised hand gesture of the audience, a performance in miniature, is amplified and multiplied into an evolving and organic image and sound environment.

As well as addressing issues of authorship and interactivity, the piece aims to abstract micro-performances into larger, more engaging experiences. It attempts to take the simplest of gestures and mediate and develop these into an evocative experience of impermanence and transience, while maintaining the immediacy and accessibility of play.

Exhibition History
Improvisation Continuums Conference, Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, Cardiff, April 2007.
Acorn Theatre, Penzance, as part of the Ignition2004 festival, September 2004.
g39 Gallery, Mill Lane, Cardiff, as part of the Experimentica 03 Festival of live and time based art, October 2003.

Hand Dance
Year of production:
Media: interactive installation / performance toy. Computer, projector, video camera, custom camera mount, sound amplification.
No longer extant.