Tuning a long-wave radio makes audible the atmospheric conditions that are the basis of radio broadcasting, as the radio receiver interprets the spaces between stations as broadcasts in themselves.

As long-wave and medium-wave broadcasts become rarer, and are superceded by automated FM scanning and digital radio, the revelatory experience of ‘tuning’ will soon become redundant. The fluctuating sounds of the regions between stations will be lost, permanently replaced by the binary certainty of digitisation.

Exhibition History
The Day Before You Came, curated selection on Axisweb, November 2008
Sound:Space 08 Sound Art Symposium, South Hill Park, Bracknell, September – November 2008
A Little Bit Goes A Long Way, Consortium, Amsterdam, November 2007

Title: Analogue
Year of production: 2007
Media: single screen video installation, sound amplification with directional speakers, 7m33s loop.

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