Dead Drop

This project was produced with the intention of being a one-off item to be anonymously delivered to an audience in the mega piñata at Ceri Hand Gallery’s Summer Fete in 2013. I liked the idea of a ‘dead drop’, which is a type of method for the secret handover of information between spies, and I think I was also inspired by Aram Bartholl’s USB dead drops too. The work was produced anonymously, and delivered on an SD card in a brown envelope.

The mega piñata was a project by fellow artist Dominic Mason, and was just that: a huge piñata filled with artist-made multiples which released them onto the floor after being smashed to pieces by folks with sticks. As I recall, the folks were somewhat lubricated with booze by the time this happened and it all ended up being quite undignified and not without risk. Apparently, I took photos of all of this.

The video clip was a version of this work, but the audio file and text are only available to the owner. Perhaps that’s you? Let me know if so.

Exhibition History
Summer Fete, Ceri Hand Gallery, London, 2013.

Title: Dead Drop
Year: 2013
Media: SD card, digital media

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