The piece consists of a looped digital capture of paused analogue video footage of a military helicopter. The flickering artefacts from the pausing of the video are visible on the digital capture, even though the action is at a halt.

Apart from the literal sense of something being suspended in the air – the helicopter – the piece also plays with the suspension of time and of meaning. The flickering still unfolds even though the image is not moving, setting up a strange kind of non-motion, a permanent wait for narrative resolution. The image of a military helicopter is also quite threatening and in the context of military secrecy begs the question of what happened before or after this particular frame, or what can and cannot be shown.

Installation at Casa Mauuad, Mexico City. Photo: Heidi Hove
Installation at Casa Mauuad, Mexico City. Photo: Heidi Hove

Exhibition History
Deadpan Exchange VIII, Casa Maauad, Mexico City, March 2014
Majestic Studio Launch, Majestic Studios, Stoke-On-Trent, December 2013

Title: NO_NAME
Year of production: 2013
Media: Digital video loop, GIF

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