Dunlop Semtex

On seeing one’s image on the screen of the computer, overlayed with digital video footage collected from within the derelict rubber plant in Brynmawr, the viewer may react in a number of ways.

Mostly, if unfamiliar to this kind of work, the viewer will scrutinise their appearance, or will wave to the camera as if appearing on the television. However, as the digital video movies draw to a close and disappear, an image of the grinning viewer is captured, and then displayed slowly decaying as increasing levels of noise and interference are applied to the image; a moment of enjoyment and exposure gradually fading away.

Exhibition History
The Boilerhouse Theatre Project, Brynmawr, South Wales, June 1996.
Restaged for TV Broadcast, “No Naked Flames”, UWCN, Newport, September 1996.

Title: Dunlop Semtex
Year of production: 1996
Media: Interactive installation (Macromedia Director, Apple Mac, video camera, sound amplification). Dimensions variable.
No longer extant.

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