Epicentres is a book containing a collection of computer-generated images that indicate the position of earthquakes in remote locations. Tremors that are low on the Richter scale might only be sensed by seismological recording equipment rather than be felt by humans. These images have been automatically generated from sensor data, and exist as automated representations of geological events that may never have been subjectively experienced.

Digital print, 420mm × 297mm, 2014

A selection of prints from the book were exhibited at SIA gallery in July 2016:

Exhibition History
Northern Light, SIA Gallery, Sheffield, July 2016
Manchester Artists Book Fair, Holden Gallery, October 2015London Art Book Fair, Whitechapel Gallery, September 2015
Liverpool Artists Book Fair, Liverpool Central Library, July 2015
Pages International Contemporary Artist’s Book Fair, The Tetley, Leeds, March 2015
The Hepworth Print Fair, The Hepworth, Wakefield, March 2015

Title: Epicentres
Media: Softback publication
Page Size: 148mm x 210mm
Pages: 28pp
Illustrations: 24 Colour
Illustrations Dimensions: 108mm x 165mm
Further Details: Produced as part of The Editions, by Guerilla Writers, edited by Sharon Kivland. In addition to a book following the constraint of a single cover design and title page, to which all were obliged to conform, each author has produced a poster, which folds neatly into her/his book. There is an editor’s catalogue/index. The publications are accompanied by a series of readings and performances.

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